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Color-Crayon-Color Nabs first place

At the Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival at the end of September, 2013, Salli McQuaid's quilt Color-Crayon-Color won the blue ribbon in the Crayon Adventures challenge division; the win was accompanied by $250.  McQuaid was surprised at the award  "When I saw all the other outstanding, brightly colored quilts," she said, "I didn't think mine had a prayer." Internationally respected quilter Maggie Ball served as juror.


Seattle Girl Scouts offer quilting resource

Members of the Seattle, WA, Girl Scouts recently contacted Salli McQuaid after consulting her "Resources" page, among other such internet sites. Since they found Quilting Resources Galore to be a particularly useful site, they suggested that McQuaid add it to her "Resources" page, which she was only too happy to do. (The link is:

It seems Seattle Girl Scouts have been hard at work earning their Quilting badges. We are honored to support the quilting work of the younger generation, and proud that the American tradition of creating quilts is part of their program. Thank you, GIRL SCOUTS of AMERICA. Incidentally, McQuaid first learned to sew as an American Girl Scout.

in Texas: Eclectic Illusions

At the Mossrock Studio & Fine Art Gallery in The Woodlands, TX, Salli McQuaid will have a one-person exhibition titled Eclectic Illusions on view from Oct. 5 - 31. Twenty-four pieces will be on view. Gallery Director Andy Sankowski scheduled the exhibition to coincide with the 2013 Houston International Quilt Festival (IQF), the largest in the world. McQuaid will have her pieces X-Scape, Wine Time, and Haiku Vin Noir on view at IQF. The Eclectic Illusions exhibition will offer the opportunity to see the development of her work.

X-scape, Wine Time, Haiku Vin Noir  & Lucky 13
chosen for major exhibitions

Salli McQuaid, CI-127: X-scape, 60"h x 25"w, 2013 Salli McQuaid, CI-129: Haiku Vin Noir, 12"x 12", 2013 Salli McQuaid: CI-121: Lucky 13 Money, 27"h x 42"h, 2012

X-scape was selected for the 2013 Studio Art Quilt Associates' "Text Messages" exhibition, which will premier at the Houston International Quilt Festival in October of 2013. The exhibition was juried by Lesley Riley, prominent in the art quilt field. From Houston, X-scape will travel to other IQF festivals and venues for about two years. See Escape (CI-126) and Accidental Escape (CI128), for similar quilts.

Wine Time will be displayed in the IQF Houston 2013 special exhibition competition "What's for Dinner." Haiku Vin Noir was chosen along with several others for inclusion in the square-foot SAQA annual benefit auction exhibition, also at IQF Houston 2013.

Lucky 13 Money was a finalist at the 2013 American Quilter's Society Quilt Show & Contest, Lancaster, PA, in March. This was the first AQS exhibition in Pennsylvania

third BOOK published ...

I'm Not Crazy: Stigma Revealed
exhibition catalog now available. 47pp.
$15.00 in full color

Purchase at or

for a list of books by Salli McQuaid

McQuaid appointed SAQA Washington Co-rep

Effective July, 2012, Salli McQuaid (Walla Walla) is serving in tandem with Carolyn Higgens (Seattle) as Studio Art Quilt Associates' Washington State Co-representative. So far, Higgens has scheduled several presentations in the Seattle area. McQuaid is teaching an art class in the Walla Walla Valley area. A newsletter has been initiated. Small groups will soon be inaugurated. Plans are in progress to unfold the first ever WA members' SAQA Exhibition in 2014. If you live in Washington, USA and have any questions about SAQA, contact McQuaid:; Higgens: to connect.

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