lofty quilts and high art

"One sees and feels the incredible thought process that gives meaning and life to the work.
The use of material, design, color, and attention to detail leaves the viewer thinking,
"How does one go about starting, let alone finishing, a work so visually complicated."

-- Andy Sankowski, Director  ​and Owner

​Mossrock Fine Art Gallery

​​​Although each theme contains realistic elements, the elements are unrealistic in proportion and shape. Yet they are combined smoothly and balanced well to that they portray an impossible reality, offering the viewer flights of imagination -- hopefully, a trancendental experience.

Artists who have influenced the work include Josef Albers, Marc Chagall, Richard Diebenkorn, John Hunter, Hiroshige, Kokusai, Sara Moe, Ricky Tims, Hollis Chatelain, and Caryl Bryer Fallert.

As any artist will tell you, the need to create art is an integral part of my being; it pervades every aspect of my life. Although I have worked in most media, there is a constant facet of art that involves fabric and and/or threads.

In 2006 I discovered art quilts. The genre offered a rare technical challenge, and the materials were inspirational. Finished work contained a depth and warmth seldom achieved with other materials. The genre also offered the opportunity to gracefully work beyond the traditional “square” canvas.

In quilt art, I could express serious, political, humorous, rebellious, and cathartic issues. Design, balance, color, and texture were of primary importance, and detail offered supportive metaphors. After the initial graphic impact, I wanted viewers to make discoveries. This would extend the “life” of the composition.

Artist statement

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