lofty quilts and high art

another feel-good read:
Naked: Quilted Confessions of a Renegade Artist

Salli McQuaid has authored a book of poetry replete with quilting imagery and illustrated by her quilts. This magical volume defines and encourages personal creativity.

  • In full color, it is available  for just $15.00
  • pub. Tranquil Press, Charleston, SC, USA, 24+pp., 2011 
  • Photographs by Mike McQuaid
  • Zen Preface by Palo Alto, CA, Poet Loie Johnson is included.

Get your copy now at only $15.00 for a full-color volume. All credit cards accepted. This is a GREAT gift for a quilter or quilt enthusiast, or, for that matter, anyone interested in poetry and art. You will enjoy this book!.

Available at under author Salli McQuaid.  


Naked: Quilted Confessions of a Renegade Artist

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What is special about this book? Each poem is illustrated by an original art quilt. Would you purchase "Naked" for a gift? I would indeed! Not only for gifts but for my own enjoyment as well--- I was totally transported elsewhere and happily mesmerized reading your works - You truly are Brilliant! Best of everything!