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Three new books in progress in 2018. One is almost ready to publish. Surf back!

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third book published...

3.  I'm Not Crazy: Stigma Revealed
Studio Art Quilt Associates 
exhibition catalog 

47pp. $15.00 in full color

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  • Artists' statements for each piece
  • Photographs and detail shots of 20 art quilts by SAQA artists
  • Curator's Statement by Kathy Nida
  • Juror's Statement by Sue Reno
  • Edited and designed by Salli McQuaid

Twenty-four artists have poured their feelings and experiences concerning mental health into the 24 works included in this catalog. It is a valuable resource for any psychological professional. In I'm Not Crazy's journey to exhibitions across America, people not only found it cathartic, but were were warmed by the artists' stories and work.

2.  Naked 2: Quilted Confessions of a Savaged Artist

A second volume of Salli McQuaid's blank verse and Haiku poetry illustrated by art quilts is now available at for $15.00.

Naked 2  's content is intended to help artists to surmount the blocks that negative criticism often generates. Although Naked 2 is a short, enjoyable book,  you will be informed about art criticism in its many forms. In fact, Naked 2 is the perfect text for a class in art criticism.

​"It's tough to continue making art in the face of constant rejection or detractors," says author Salli McQuaid, "but it's the only cure."

  • pub. Tranquil Press, Charleston, SC, USA, 40+pp., 2012 
  • available at: 
  • photographs by Mike McQuaid

This second full-color volume in the Naked series features contributions by the great California School Artist John Hunter.  (Visit the Norton-Simon Museum website for a selection of Hunter's distinctive early "Hollywood" work.)

1.  Naked: Quilted Confessions of a Renegade Artist

Salli McQuaid has authored a book of poetry replete with quilting imagery and illustrated by her quilts. This magical volume defines and encourages personal creativity.

  • In full color, it is available  for just $15.00
  • pub. Tranquil Press, Charleston, SC, USA, 24+pp., 2011 
  • Photographs by Mike McQuaid
  • Zen Preface by Palo Alto, CA, Poet Loie Johnson is included.

Get your copy now at only $15.00 for a full-color volume. All credit cards accepted. This is a GREAT gift for a quilter or quilt enthusiast, or, for that matter, anyone interested in poetry and art. You will enjoy this book!.   


Naked: Quilted Confessions of a Renegade Artist

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What is special about this book? Each poem is illustrated by an original art quilt. Would you purchase "Naked" for a gift? I would indeed! Not only for gifts but for my own enjoyment as well--- I was totally transported elsewhere and happily mesmerized reading your works - You truly are Brilliant! Best of everything!

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