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 lofty quilts and high art

Electric Sky, #152

This piece began with a “sky” pieced together from four fabrics. I designed the hot air balloon in my domestic machine software, and added an electric energy-producing windmill.

Then the whole design was embroidered onto an abstract fabric in the perfect place to complete the balloon image. It was cut out and appliquéd onto the sky. Next lightning fabric was introduced because lightning also produces electrical energy.

When the quilt top was finished, I thought the concept of a windmill on a hot air balloon and lightening, both generating electricity together in the sky, was humorous. When taken literally, the whole idea was foolhardy. This outcome was pleasing.

Most of the thread work was spontaneously composed of digitally-manipulated long-arm quilt patterns in cloud-like and lightning shapes.

A unique aspect of this quilt is that the  rainbow fabric is one of-a-kind, hand-painted by Carol R. Eaton.​ See: Resources.

Salli McQuaid: Electric Sky,13"x 12"h, 2015

Out of My Inner Mind:

Concept and Manipulation of the Thread

One-Person Exhibition, 2015