Out of My Inner Mind:

Concept and Manipulation of the Thread

One-Person Exhibition, 2015

Essence, #148

The initial goal was to do something minimal yet strong, and after thinking, drawing, and moving shapes around on the design board for awhile, I came up with a concept: Create just the essence of the quilt, and let the viewer discover their own story.

Even the background of Essence is conceptual because it is composed of almost indiscernible (reductionist), mostly indecipherable, cuneiform symbols that fade into the background.

This minimalist composition is peaceful and easy on the eyes, yet the viewer’s imagination is challenged by the few images it offers. The detail shot shows some freeform stitching along with the digitally-manipulated quilt stitches.


Salli McQuaid: Essence, 28"w x36"h, 2015

 lofty quilts and high art