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Footprint of Walla Walla with Chimera, #151

I needed to make an art quilt for our annual Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival. The challenge was “Outside My Window.” I imagined I would see a footprint of Walla Walla, outside my window, an obvious pun. I also believed  that the window should be composed of panes with borders that offered unusual perspectives. The traditional “attic window” block came to mind. To achieve the desired effect, I first had to design a sort of “attic window” pattern.

After choosing appropriate fabrics, I worked intuitively on each area. The areas became symbolic of what I love about Walla Walla. Even the pane borders contained a water fabric because  Walla Walla means  “many waters,” as well as a grapevine fabric to represent our wineries.

To provide relief from an otherwise rather stiff format, a trendy chimera (combination of animals) wanders through, although the original intent was to have just a simple rainbow.The border around the quilt is a non-border, thus the quilting there is quiet. Quilting on the border and window frames is a bit traditional. Quilting on the window content (footprint) is not.

A unique aspect of this quilt is that the  rainbow fabric is one of-a-kind, hand-painted by Carol R. Eaton.​

Out of My Inner Mind:

Concept and Manipulation of the Thread

One-Person Exhibition, 2015

Detail:Footprint of Walla Walla with Rainbow Chimera

Salli McQuaid: Stairway to the Sun, 12"w x16"h, 2015

Salli McQuaid:Footprint of Walla with Chimera, 41"w x29"h, 2015.