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Thank you!

This is a really fun result of maintaining an art quilt website. About 15 years ago, the Girl Scouts  contacted us with a suggestion for the Quilting Resources section. Just a few days ago, in 2020, they contacted us again. Below is the latest letter. Beneath that is the information from the first letter. 


My Girl Scouts and I just wanted to reach out to give thanks because you've

been such an enormous help with our "Textile" badges! Since our Girl Scout

Troop is no longer meeting up currently due to the COVID-19, we've been

holding virtual meetings. While doing some research on quilting, we came

across your page -

and have been using it as a reference ever since!

To pay it forward, the girls wanted to suggest another resource they

discovered that they thought would complement your page.


and it's a great article on quilting! It covers quilting history and museums,

shows, charities, associations and societies, and learning how to quilt.   

Hopefully you find it as helpful as we did! If you decided to add it to your

page, I'd love to show the girls that their suggestion was up and running to

help others out. It would really help them feel that they made a positive

contribution and keep them interested in quilting! 
Shana Mendelson & Senior Scouts

Thank you for letting me know that you found the site useful. I am

delighted to add your suggestion to the resources. It is great to know 

that you are carrying on the quilt tradition. I remember many happy 

hours spent as a Girl Scout learning skills that proved invaluable in

later life ....

​​ About 15 years ago, Members of the Seattle, WA, Girl Scouts contacted Salli

McQuaid after consulting her "Resources" page, among other such internet sites.

Since they found the following site particularly useful, they suggested that McQuaid

add it to her "Resources" page, which she was only too happy to do:

​It seems Seattle Girl Scouts had been hard at work earning their Quilting

badges. We are honored to support the quilting work of the younger

generation, and proud that the American tradition of creating quilts is part

of their program. Thank you,GIRL SCOUTS of AMERICA. Incidentally,

Salli McQuaid first learned to sew as an American Girl Scout.