lofty quilts and high art

Jump for Joy Koi:13w x13”h, ©2015 by Salli McQuaid

Out of My Inner Mind:

Concept and Manipulation of the Thread

One-Person Exhibition, 2015

Jump for Joy Koi #154

When we lived in Texas we had a Koi Pond, which was when I fell in love with the Koi. This fish is bred to enhance “human” qualities, hence its intelligent and friendliness. These, of course, are traits that make them valuable to  their owners. Koi are also bred and loved for their often exotic coloring. Some Koi, depending on their
coloring and pedigree, can fetch over $25,000 on the market.

A particularly delightful aspect of Koi character is their ability to bond with humans and even animals. When I created this quilt, I must have been thinking of the joy that these winsome creatures can bring into human—and even animal—lives.