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Unsure about the tune, but love the title. Maybe that's the point.... It's certainly cheerful melody.

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Salli McQuaid, #127: ​X-Scape, 25"w x60"h, 2013   




Although Salli hasn't yet totally moved into her newly designed and extended studio, the work is now complete.

The studio features professional lighting and industrial-style fans, and faces north towards an alfalfa farm.

Basically, it is two rooms separated by bulletin-board like sliding doors.The doors double as boards for ideas and/or design walls in addition to another large wall totally devoted to design or professional photographing of the work. When the doors are closed, they allow for viewing the work in progress as well as photographing it from a distance.

The dual studio contains two closets for storage of fabrics and threads respectively, as well as numerous other cubbies and shelves for equipment. A new, custom-designed fold-out cutting table and a thread storage cabinet were also added. One "room" in the studio is essentially devoted to a 12-foot quilting machine. The other is for cutting, design, and computer work.

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X-Scape, detail

X-Scape back from three-year tour, 2013-2016

  • In the landmark art quilt exhibition, Text Messaging, X--Scape has finishing its tour and is now ready to find a home.  
  • ​The exhibition was the first theme exhibition regarding text messages, ,and has thus found another place in modern quiltart history.