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What can Salli mc quaid design for you??


Salli is always open to new challenges and ideas. For instance, in Catalog 3, see her beautifully designed and crafted journal covers. Believe it or not, they are washable. Chat with her about the possibilities. Give her a call to discuss your ideas, and discover that her mind is a good fit for your vision. Chances are, the work will not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. How about an unusually striking memory quilt?

All Your ART QUILT Needs

You can buy an art quilt from the many original and imaginative works that are available in our Laughing Dragon Gallery, or order a custom quilt.

Museum-quality, limited edition prints of most quilts are available, as well. These prints are perfect for an 8"x10" matte or frame. One-of-a-kind tiny art quilts are available in note card format. Some quilts are most effective in frames and are already custom framed  (museum quality) for your convenience. 

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Exceptional quality


Salli consistently meets production deadlines, offers reasonable rates, and delivers truly superior quality art quilts. It is no accident that her works are consistently chosen for prestigious quilt exhibitions.

​​Whatever your preferences, you want original art.


Anyone looking at your art collec-tion should understand and be interested in the work. The right design makes people notice the art, look at it closely, and listen to what it says.


Creating a well-balanced composition that works takes more than the ability to use computer software or draw a straight line. Professional art quilting takes a creative eye trained by years of experience to identify the best colors, textures, and imagery. Most importantly, the art must engage the imagination.


Salli's art quilts build upon a wealth of experience in a wide range of art media.


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