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Out of My Inner Mind:

Concept and Manipulation of the Thread

One-Person Exhibition, 2015

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Soccer Dogs (2), #153

Piecing the background of this 12-inch square took me about four hours. It was originally intended to be a block for a large, queen-size quilt. With some thought, to save time I decided to use another, simpler design for the large quilt, and to make the small piece into a wall hanging later on.

After adding some black stripes for depth and appliquéing two dogs on for focus, the small design was complete. It was finished out with random, distorted, long-arm quilt-stitch patterns, as well as free-form stitches.

​Ironically, the other large quilt grew more and more complicated and took over a year to complete!

Salli McQuaid: Soccer Dogs (2),12"x 12"h, 2015

Warning!!! Your art quilt collection may be incomplete without a Salli McQuaid piece.