Salli McQuaid's  “Out of My Inner Mind: Manipulation of the Thread"  premiered at Mossrock Fine Art Gallery, The Woodlands (Houston),TX, Nov. 7- 30, 2015. This art quilt exhibition extended the nearby Houston International Quilt Festival (IQF), perhaps the largest in the world, 

Out of My Inner Mind was a particularly challenging series of work," McQuaid said. “After acquiring a computer-driven long-arm machine, I had to master the software. From there, I learned to manipulate standard quilt thread patterns to deepen and enhance the already pieced images. 

“The pieced images came to me in a spontaneous, intuitive flow, as did the finishing quilt-stitching manipulations,” she added. Quilt patterns were resident in Quilt Magician software and others were purchased from

The 25 pieces comprising the show are all new and created in 2015 specifically for the “Out of My Inner Mind” premier exhibition.To see work featured in the exhibition A DOCUMENTARY CATALOG WILL SOON BE RELEASED. 

Misc Info re Salli McQuaid's History

Numerous art quilts by the award-winning artist have appeared in the Houston IQF show, and in 2014 the IQF acquired her “Wine Time” quilt. McQuaid’s miniature art quilt “Plum Dragon” is archived in The National Quilt Museum (Paducah, KY). Her art quilts have also been included in dozens of juried shows throughout the United States, and in Canada. To date, she has earned first, second, and third-place awards at the Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival exhibition, among other awards in Canada, Washington, and Texas.


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"Out of My Inner Mind​"


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