lofty quilts and high art

Sun Kissed,13w x13”h, ©2015 Salli McQuaid

Out of My Inner Mind:

Manipulation of the Thread

One-Person Exhibition, 2015

Sun Kissed, #157

Perhaps because we lived in tents in the thickly forested logging camps southeast of Riddle, Oregon, when I was a child, anything “forest” inspires me. I love the splendor, the peace, the solitude, the beauty, and the grandeur. I still love the smell of freshly-cut Douglas Fir.

Back then, the trees were so tall they seemed to cut out the sky. But always, always, the sun sneaked through.  This quilt depicts a forest topped way up high by a solid cap of sun, with glimpses of sun gently shining through, kissing the forest. In short, This quilt launches those old memories.

As a special touch, the strip of fabric at the bottom—signifying the forest floor—is from a snow-dyed piece of fabric by Carol R. Eaton.